CHUSE C18 Pro 12V Tattoo & Permanent Makeup PMU Machine Kit

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CHUSE C18 Pro 12V Tattoo & Permanent Makeup PMU Machine Kit top features

  • PATENT - CHUSE Pro touch digital power controller is a patent of our company, special devices for professional Permanent Make-Up treatments, a versatile gamma to totally satisfy your needs, very stable performance.
  • DESIGN - Each CHUSE device is unique design, whit a special care to details, we want to give you the best technology and performance, C18 handpiece is metal shell body, micron sand blasting technology, color meticulous, comfortable feel, prevent slippery processing, environmental non-toxic harmless.
  • IMPORT MOTOR - Use powerful import movement, endurance is stronger for 3 to 5 times that of ordinary machine, suggest machine continuous work for 30 minutes to rest after 2 minutes to continue operation, can improve the service life of the machine. The unique movement removes coiled and slotted silicon steel components, eliminates the eddy current and hysteresis losses, reduces torque fluctuations, enables the motor reproduce smooth torque, reduce noise and achieve ultra-quietness. With air flow
  • EASY TO USE - Machine is equipped with 10 different types of needles for your choice, can satisfy all the project operation, needle adopts spiral interface design, easy installation, not a fly needle, all through the EO disinfection, not secondary use, safety, hygiene.
  • UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTY - Commitment to excellent products, and to your satisfaction with them. If you are not satisfied for any reason simply email us and we will replace or refund your purchase when you order our semi-permanent makeup supplies.

I, What's the box: C18 Pro Touch automatic digital power controller*1, 15V Adapter(US/EU/UK)*1, C18 Handpiece*1, Special Cable*1, Bracket*1, , Disposable special needles*10(1R*5, 3R*5);
II, Specification: 470x295x115mm, MATERIAL: Aluminium alloy, VOLTAGE: Input: 100-240V; Output 5-12V, NOISE DECIBELS: 23dB, Needle type: 1R/3R/5R/3F/5F/7F/MTS 12/Nano/U9/U12;
III, Usage: Controller on the right side of the interface insert adapter cable to the corresponding P1 and P2 can insert two operations at the same time a pen (two pens can switch to use, can not be used at the same time), the controller on the left there is a black switch button, after open the controller to electricity, the "MAINS" above the screen goes on; And then click the start button to start the above the screen controller, start the button at the top of the Lantern Festival lights up, the default is P1 pen operation, output frequency for "100", according to the operation and a half permanent project to adjust the length of the needle and the output frequency (80-200); Then select screen above P1 and P2, corresponding interface to control two pens, click on the "DRIVE" button to start the operation, under the conditions of start "DRIVE" button at the top of the light is on, if you want to stop, then click on the "DRIVE"; If you need to switch two pens, must be in stop state can operate.

Satisfaction Guarantee:
If for any reason you are not fully satisfied. just simply return it for a full refund or exchange.

About Brand:
CHUSE dedicate to develop and manufacture high quality permanent makeup products.We are striving for product diversification,cutting-edge technologies,and global operation.Each CHUSE people is in pursuit of better products and services.Facing new opportunities and challenges,we are ready to establish cooperation with you to jointly win the global market and create a shining future.

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