CHUSE C18 Mini 5V Tattoo & Permanent Makeup PMU Machine Kit

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CHUSE C18 Mini 5V Tattoo & Permanent Makeup PMU Machine Kit top features

  • Uses high-speed aircraft movement, breaking though the previous tattoo machine structure. The new rotor structure completely eliminates the power loss caused by the eddy current formed in the iron core. It has strong power and prolongs the service life of the machine.
  • The unique movement removes coiled and slotted silicon steel components, eliminates the eddy current and hysteresis losses, reduces torque fluctuations, enables the motor ro produce smooth torque, reduce noise and achieve ultra-quietness.
  • Uses the latest copper coil motor, small size and good performance. The copper coil motor is lighter in size to lighter in weight, compared with the traditional coils.
  • With air flow inside and outside the surface, has good heat dissipation performance. The temperature rises slowly and the probability of heat generation is low with the same output power.
  • Has a fast-response follow-up system. The reaction speed is more agile, easy to control and the speed is twice than the traditional motor. Utilize the advantage of its high energy conversion efficiency, to ensure that each pin output has a high speed and stable torque and power.

I,Product Specification: 
MODEL: C18 Mini

FUNCTION: Digital Permanent Makeup Machine 
SPECIFICATION: 172x172x55mm 
MATERIAL: Aluminium alloy/handpiece 
SPEED: 22000-35000 RPM 
NEEDLE TYPE: 1R/3R/5R/3F/5F/7F/MTS12/Nano/V9/V12 
VOLTAGE: Input: 100-240V; Output 3-10V 

II, Product Configuration: 
Handpiece*1, Cable*1, adapter*1 , Needle*5(1R*2,3R*2,5R*1) 
Needle specification: High temperature sterilization, disposable use 

Insert the wire control power cable into the socket and the power port of the machine seperately,start the on/off of the wire control power cable,and adjust the needle length and rotation speed according to the semi-permanent item to be operated.

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