CHUSE P1 Permanent Makeup PMU Machine Kit (Digital Power Controller)

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CHUSE P1 Permanent Makeup PMU Machine Kit (Digital Power Controller) top features

  • 【MATCHING EXCLUSIVE "PATENT HOURGLASS NEEDLE CAP"】 The needle cap adopts the patented hourglass design, which can maintain the balance between the surface tension and gravity of the absorbed pigment through air pressure, so that the pigment flowing out from the needle tip will not stop flowing, and the ink jet and the top of the needle nozzle will not hang pigment due to too much pigment.
  • 【BACK SUPPORT DESIGN OF NEEDLE OUTLET】 Do not shake the needle, the needle tip is stable as static state. The unique design of the back support of the needle exit, the needle thread is close to the back support, and the needle can be pulled up and down vertically to prevent the needle from swinging, creating the beauty of clear lines.
  • 【TECHNOLOGY OF INLAYING CURVED SILICONE GEL】 Inlaid curved silica gel technology, with fuller and more fitting palm radian, long-term use is not tired. Ergonomic low center of gravity design, long-term vertical operation more comfortable and fluent.
  • 【MORE TORQUE, FASTER SPEEND, MORE PENETRATION MOTOR】 The load speed reaches 15000rpm, when the needle is out, it can feel strong power output, greater torque, faster speed and stronger penetration, like light speed, fast operation zero wound, faster pigment implant into skin.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guaranteed】 If there is a problem with the products you received, please feel free to contact us for a replacement.


I, What's the box: P1 12V Handpiece*1, Digital power controller(US/EU)*1, Special 1R 30 Sets(30 Needles & 30 Caps);

II, Specification: 170x160x50mm, Weight: 350g, Material: Aluminium alloy, Speed: 15000 RPM, Input: 100-240V; Output 5-12V, Needle type: 1R/3R/7F;


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