CHUSE C22 0.30mm 7 Flat (10Pcs)

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CHUSE C22 0.30mm 7 Flat (10Pcs) top features

  • Apply to CHUSE C22 handpiece,Each box of 10Pcs,All needles are packaged in an individual sterile pack, only single-use disposable material.
  • Martensiti stainless steel with pre-sterile by E.O. Gas, cartridges needles have been providing with high density clear plastic body.The items are the top-quality needles, meeting professional tattooists' standards.
  • The new elastic silicone film carries the color material tank and the soft anti-vibration structure design, which doubles the stability of the needle.
  • The needle tip is elongated and tapered and the surface is polished, so that the needle enters the skin with minimal resistance, increasing the coloring of the pigment by more than 30%.
  • Original color fluid air pressure backflow prevention device, sanitary and safe.

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