CHUSE Wireless Power Supply For PMU & Tattoo Machine

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CHUSE Wireless Power Supply For PMU & Tattoo Machine top features

  • WIRELESS POWER SUPPLY - Don't be afraid of power failure, do not need to charge while operating, anytime and anywhere worry free.
  • INTELLIGENT ADAPTATION - It is suitable for 12V high-power and high-speed PMU handpiece (2.5mm DC interface), simple and portable wireless power supply, It has higher power than the built-in charging power supply and its stability is better than that of the built-in charging power supply.
  • INTELLIGENT SPEED CONTROL - The intelligent speed control wireless power supply has 5 power indicator lights. Different indicator lights represent different power output. It has a fast self charging experience, which makes the PMU artist's efficiency and skill perfect combination.
  • MULTIPLE PROTECTION SECURITY - High precision resistance capacitance sensing devices and high-quality lithium-ion polymer battery are used to deal with various abnormal conditions, such as overcharge, over discharge, high temperature, short circuit and so on, providing reliable guarantee for the operation of PMU handpiece.
  • UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTY - Commitment to excellent products, and to your satisfaction with them. If you are not satisfied for any reason simply email us and we will replace or refund your purchase when you order our semi-permanent makeup supplies.

    Charging: Connect the power cord,charge the wireless power supply through USB port,or connect the power cord to a mobile phone’s adapter to charge.During the charging process, the indicator lights keep flashing until it is fully charged.

    Startup: In shutdown mode,short press the fuction key to display the remaining power of the device; long press the function key about two seconds,the device is turned on with third gear by default.

    Speed Adjustment: During the operation, double-click the function key to adjust the speed, once double-click to adjust one gear.

    Pause/Restart: Single click the function key during the operation to pause the device; click the function key again to restart the device.

    Shutdown: Long press the function key about two seconds to shut down the device. Please disconnect the wireless power supply from the handpiece after use.

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